Printing Process

The process of producing Alanís prints is based on original methods and equipment used† as far back as the early nineteenth century.


Inking up the Blocks

The first stage is to apply the ink, with the use of a roller onto the engraved block. This has to be done evenly and not too much applied for a perfect print.


Positioning the Block into the Printing Press

Once the block is inked up, the next stage involves positioning the paper, block and any packing into the printing press.

Pressing the Block

The bed which has the block, packaging and paper on is rollers and this is pushed back under the main press. Once in position, there is an arm which levers the base plate downwards under enormous pressure. In the image below you can see the base plate covering the print and the arm to control the compression. Slight pressure is applied to the arm and held for a few seconds for the ink to take to the printed block and paper.

Revealing the print

The final stage is removing the pressure from the handle, rolling the bed out of the press and open it up. The packaging and paper is removed to reveal the print.

The† art and work of Alan East