Alan’s Career

1963-1982 Riggs Bridlington, Link here

1985—1997—Pindar Set, Scraborough, Link here.

Interesting Career Links

Alan’s career started at a

Printers called “Riggs”

In Bridlington. It was here

That he learnt his trade as

an engraver/printer. He

Worked there from the


Mid 1960’s until the early 1980’s. When he was made redundant. At this time technology was booming and having a big impact on the print industry and the skills needed for the trade.


After a short period break Alan managed to get a job at the Scarborough printing firm, Pindar Set. Although by this time computers  had well and truly taken there place in the printing industry and Alan’s role was more of a “Back office” managers role. Or as my dad saw it, filing the companies printing records using the “Monty Python method”, which means none but Alan knew were anything was.



The  art and work of Alan East